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Swedish “slasher doctors” out of luck

Inrikes 2016-01-26 10:14:26 Visningar: 2 850 Anmäl nyheten

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The campaign against the general practitioner of medicine and the pathologist in the Catrine da Costa murder case is regarded as one of Sweden’s worst legal scandals. As a final resort, when their road to vindication had reached a dead end nationally, the two men turned to the European Court of Human Rights for appeals. Recently, the Court rejected their appeal – without specifying why.

The reasoning of the European Court of Human Rights is that Articles 34 and 35 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms cannot be applied in this case. Further specifications are not given. In the articles being referred to, one can be read that the Court should dismiss the complaint if “the applicant has not suffered a significant disadvantage.”

It would be interesting to find out what is required for the court to consider that someone has “suffered a significant disadvantage.” That the pathologist is nearly deaf after an attempted suicide, that the general practitioner has not been allowed to see his daughter for 28 years after his ex-wife accused him of ritual murder and cannibalism, that they have not been able to work since the witch-hunt began, this and more the court does not consider to be evidence that they “suffered a significant disadvantage.”

The dismemberment murder case is, unlike the Thomas Quick scandal, a politicized case. When the doctors were tried, extreme Feminists whipped up a virtual lynch mob against the men. When it became clear that by using modern technology, in the 2000s one was able to perform fingerprint and DNA tests, the Feminist voices which had previously driven public opinion in the case went silent. Instead, the energy went into getting the justice system not to make DNA tests of suspects in the investigation.

When the doctors in the 1980s were branded as being dismemberment murderers, people who advocated science and clinical experience were under attack from vocal groups who argued that repressed memories were reliable as evidence and that you could use babies as witnesses in court cases. The main witness in the district court in 1988 against the two physicians was the ex-wife of one of the men, who claimed that their 17-month-old daughter had witnessed the ritual murder of the woman Catrine da Costa. The daughter was supposed to have told this to her mother. The judge Carl-Anton Spak chose to believe the mother.

When this writer called Spak some years ago, he would not say whether he still believes the mother’s stories. The Da Costa-scandal is unfortunately too big for Sweden. Those who pushed for this gross miscarriage of justice are powerful people, and a vindication for the doctors would imply that a review of that crazy age in the Swedish legal system would be inevitable. The debate about this ugly miscarriage of justice still interests people. On the online debate forum Flashback, enthusiasts dig up new material in this nearly 30-year-old criminal case.

The Internet debaters have produced interesting information about people who were part of da Costa’s circle of acquaintances. These Internet activists have succeeded where the mainstream media and the police failed over the years. Namely, to check where violent individuals in da Costa’s proximity lived and worked.

If the Internet and Flashback had existed in the 1980s, this miscarriage of justice would most likely not have been possible. But although the doctors have not yet received legal redress, many people are probably watching with concern the disclosures that are being published at Flashback regarding the case.

And it will probably be there and not in the mainstream media that we will read the name of the man who sold the documents of the mother’s story to the newspaper Expressen – the event that made the witch-hunt unstoppable.

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